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Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
Mehran School Karachi
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Welcome to Mehran Secondary Schools official website. We aim to make this useful to staff, students, parents and others, by providing information about our all branches. Here we talk about School’s achievements, present activities, alumni registrations, future events and display of our online results. Founded in 1978 and now offered in 3 campuses in Karachi, Mehran School campuses are registered with board of secondary education and recognized with government of sindh. Our schools are highly regarded, and has a strong tradition of providing outstanding education.

Qualified and experienced faculty
Supportive and encouraging environment
Array of courses in different disciplines
Fully equipped science labortaries
Computer labs with trained staff
Sports, events and extra curricular activities
Well furnished montessori
Academic and career counselling
School aims to prepare each student for successful future life by valuing academic, physical and personal development of young people.
The object is to turn out young men and women with a keen sense of discipline and responsibility, initiative and self-reliance, integrity and loyalty.
Mehran School- Campus-1, Shah Faisal #4 Mehran School- Campus-2, Rashid Minhas Road Mehran School- Campus-3, Gulistan-e-Johar #9
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Mansoor Sadiq Zaidi - Administrator
As the times are changing quickly therefore with respect to it the parents and the mentors have to take the responsibilities more seriously, hence it is mandatory that for the better education of the upcoming generation the parents should select that educational institute for their children, out of the inadequate market of schools out in the society, which not only provide better education but also better character building environment for their children.

With the help of Allah Almighty the most beneficient, Mehran Secondary Schools have completed their 34 years of existence and has always paid exceptional consideration not only to the education of students but has also shown interest in the better nourishments, hence resulting in leading students towards a successful and flourishing life.


Naseem Zehra - Principal
The increasing rate of inflation has made life real challenging for the middle class. At this strenuous moment Mehran Secondary Schools are trying to facilitate parents unconditionally by providing quality education to the children in limited fee. The institute endeavors to provide better education and character building qualities to the children.

About Us
Mehran School was established in 1978 and in 1980 it was officially registered by board of secondary education, karachi... click here for more.
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Section where student acivities are reported, display of their online results, sports, details of outdoor events and much more... click here for details.
Parents Info
Mehran school staff takes care of your child`s upbringing and progress just like you would! For Admission and other details click here.
School prefers all former students and former staff to register and stay in contact with school by submitting the alumni registration form.
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Viewers may contact us for any details or may provide your feedback to share with others on our contact us page.
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